Message From President Pat O’Connell

October, 2017

Dear Sisters,

Now, as many of us are enjoying the change of seasons, I ask you to take a few minutes from your schedule to re-commit yourself to those words that each LAOH member states as she is initiated into the LAOH organization from the LAOH approved Ritual, “…I do solemnly promise to obey the Constitution, Ritual and Bylaws of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc…I will be faithful to the members of the Order…I will uphold the interest of the Order, dedicated to St. Brigid.  To this, I pledge my sacred word of honor.”  These words along with the rest of the words from solemn obligation that is repeated each time a new candidate becomes a member provide us with the knowledge, skill set, and values to live our motto, “Friendship, Unity, & Christian Charity.”

I join with the many Division Presidents who are asking each member of their Division to carefully consider how you can “step-up” and be considered as a candidate for an office as you have your Division elections during the October 1 through December 31 period. Let me remind you that in each of your Divisions there are members who have served in these offices who can be of assistance to you as you consider how you may serve the Division. As I have said many times, “you learn by doing” and “by doing you learn.”

On behalf the LAOH National Board, I congratulate the many skilled and gracious women who have answered the request to serve at the State Board Level, the County Board Level, and the Division Level as these elections have either recently taken place or shall take place soon.  On behalf of the National Board, I thank you skilled and gracious women who have completed your Term of Office or who shall soon complete your Term of Office.  The Leadership Teams at each Level within the organization working with its membership at each Level serves as the important link in building a committed organization focused on the purpose of the LAOH as stated in our Constitution: (1) To promote FRIENDSHIP, UNITY, and CHRISTIAN CHARITY, (2) To foster and sustain loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church and foster and sustain loyalty to the United States of America among its members, (3) To aid and advance by all legitimate means the aspirations and endeavors of the Irish people for complete and absolute independence, and (4) To foster the ideals and perpetuate the history and traditions of the Irish people and to promote Irish culture.”

Yes, we are an organization comprised of Irish, Catholic Women.  We must work together to encourage candidates to join our organization and through our modeling and support, we can sustain our membership to achieve our committed purpose.  May our patron saints, St. Brigid and St. Patrick, continue to bless us as we work to live our Mission as stated in our Constitution, “…to strengthen our Roman Catholic Faith, our Country, and our Communities; and perpetuate the religion, history,

culture and traditions of our Irish heritage.”

As we approach the Feast of All Saints and the Feast of All Souls, let us remember in our prayers our many cherished members who rest in peace having answered God’s call.  We pray for the families of our deceased members who share so many meaningful memories.  May we give THANKS to our heavenly Father as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and friends.

Patricia O’Connell, National President