Message From President Pat O’Connell

April, 2018

As you read this message, I ask that you pause to say a “thank-you” prayer to Our Risen Lord who endured His sufferings for each of us.  Now, we look forward to the coming of the Holy Spirit who will be with us for all time.

On behalf of the National Board, I want to give public thanks to the State Presidents for the support they gave to their State Secretaries and State Treasurers for completing the 2017 Annual Membership Reports and Annual Financial Reports as specified by the National Secretary and the National Treasurer.  As you are aware, these State Reports are dependent upon the completed work of the County Board and Division Secretaries and Treasurers.  Thus, the work of these officers is also recognized.

Once again, I am personally inviting you to participate in the 2018 Biennial National AOH-LAOH Convention being held July 11-14, 2018 in Louisville KY.  By the time you read this message, the LAOH “Call to Convention” will have been sent to all State Presidents and State Secretaries.  This “Call to Convention” should be read at all State Board, County Board, and Division Meetings.

If you have not registered for the Convention, I encourage you to do so now as the fees will increase after June 1.  You should immediately make your hotel reservations directly with the Galt House Hotel that is serving as our 2018 Convention Site.  Please refer to the information provided in this issue of the Hibernian Digest for Convention Registration Information and Galt House Hotel Reservation Information or go to, the Convention website.

The Ohio State Board Degree Team has provided information about of the exemplification of the LAOH Degrees on the LAOH National Website ( under the “2018 AOH/LAOH National Convention” button.  Please forward your registration information directly to the Ohio State Board Degree Team as stated on the application form.

I encourage you to check the “Members Only” button on the LAOH National Website as the Convention information that is being sent via email to State Presidents for dissemination to the State’s entities will also be posted on the LAOH National Website for easy access for the membership.   A major change in convention procedures as mandated by the National Constitution will be implemented for the first time at this 2018 National Convention.

This new mandate requires that all National Board Officer Reports are to be emailed to each State’s delegation three (3) weeks prior to the start of the National Convention.  So, it is imperative that email addresses be provided as requested by the National Secretary when the State Secretary provides a list of the State’s delegates, alternates, and observers and the recommended committee assignment for each member of the State’s delegation thirty (30) days prior to the start of the National Convention.  As a “safety net,” I am asking State Presidents to ensure that your delegation has access to all National Board Reports prior to coming to the National Convention as there will be no packets available for the Convention participants at your designated seating area as the LAOH General Session is convened.

As you begin your preparation to attend the 2018 National Convention, I recommend that you review ARTICLE XVIII NATIONAL CONVENTION in the LAOH National Constitution as it prescribes timelines for reports, the appointment of committees, and proposed amendments to the Ritual and Constitution.  Your Division, County Board, and State Board Presidents will serve as your best resource in answering your Convention questions.  I am hopeful that each State will bring its fully allocated number of delegates/alternates to the 2018 National Convention.

May our patron saints, St. Brigid and St. Patrick, continue to bless our work as we prepare for the 2018 National Convention.


Patricia O’Connell

LAOH National President