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Introduction letter FFAI

Past National President Mary T. Leathem, Freedom For All Ireland Officer

January 12, 2017

Dear Sisters,

In response to the recent resignation of deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness I wanted to give you some topics and resources for your use. After speaking with Paul Gaudy, AOH FFAI Chairman, last week on the topic of Brexit and its impact on Northern Ireland he recommended that I (you) read information in The Belfast Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Irish News to mention only a few resources. There is a plethora of information on this topic and the elections that will now be necessary with this resignation if mediation is not successful. At this point, mediation does not look viable, however anything is possible.
The AOH Chairman of Political Education, Neil Cosgrove, has issued a statement concerning Martin McGuinness’s resignation and the problems now facing citizens in Northern Ireland. This resignation has many ramifications and really stems from many underlying problems. Mr. McGuinness has certainly worked tirelessly to keep the Good Friday agreement’s provisions but has found that the DUP’s inability to respect all the participants in the process yet another issue.
An issue which has precipitated this occurrence is the “cash for ash” scandal or as it is officially known, the Renewable Heat Incentive. Mr. McGuinness was insistent that his counterpart in the Stormont Government, Arlene Foster, step aside so that a thorough investigation could take place as she headed the department of government that oversaw its inception and implementation. With Martin McGuinness’s resignation he has forced Arlene Foster out of her position as First Minister.
Also, you can find information on the Internet concerning Mary Lou McDonald’s comments about the current situation. As you may remember she spoke at our Convention in Atlantic City, NJ.
As you can see, this is a very complicated situation and we must give due diligence to researching all the issues involved. I, myself, feel my head spinning with each new development and am by no means an expert. I have reached out to several of our seasoned FFAI people for their recommendations and opinions.
In addition to all of this Martin McGuinness is very ill and needs our prayers as he deals with his current health issue. May the Lord put a hedge of protection around him and give him some rest as he takes care of his health.
Yours in our motto,
Mary T.