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National Fundraiser

We have information on the National Fundraiser on her page. Here is a quick link.

WINNERS! Congratulations

Thanksgiving Early bird winner:
     St. Brigid Div #1, Pasco Co. FL
Christmas Early bird winner:
      Cynthia D’Agostino, Meriden CT
Jan 7th winner:
       Div. #4 – c/o  J. Goodman  New Jersey
Jan 14th winner:
       Grace Kelly- Schenectady NY

If you have not purchased your ticket for your State/County/Division or self the deadline for the 1st early bird drawing is coming soon. To purchase a ticket, Contact  your local Division


National Fundraiser

Below is the link for the Introduction letter of National Fundraiser, Maire Kilbane Leffel as well as the flyer for the National Board Raffle. Tickets are being mailed out! Participation is very important due to the fact that we have many wonderful events coming up to celebrate our 125th Anniversary.

National Board Raffle Flyer

A Message from National President Patricia A. O’Connell Regarding Hurricanes

Message from National President Patricia A. O’Connell

Please continue to remember the many persons who have been in “harms-way” due to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and those who may be impacted by Hurricane Jose.  Presently, I am not aware of specific needs of our LAOH membership.  Thus, I am asking that the membership support your local diocesan efforts or other civic requests in your local area as they hold “collections” for those in need due to the Hurricanes.

As more information becomes available regarding the needs of our LAOH membership, the National Board will consider what kind of action ought to be recommended to the membership to assist the LAOH membership.

Please continue to pray for the safety of all displaced persons and the many workers who have been called to restore safe-living conditions.