Important Information With Regard to Rooms for 2016 National Convention

Please Note!

It promises to be an exciting convention as
the original room block has sold out.

The AOH-LAOH has worked with Harrah’s AC to
establish additional rooms at a rate of $149.00.
(limited $107.00 may be available for Thursday.)
Once these rooms are sold the rate will increase based on hotel availability.

The best possible price will be offered through this web page.
Harrah’s expect a complete sell out for convention week.
We look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City.

Official Call To The 98th Biennial Convention


Please click on the green links below for information with regard to the 2016 National Convention. This information is also listed on our 2016 National Convention Tab.

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Dear National Members, State Presidents and Immigration and Legislation appointees, and Sister Members


With the guidance of  our LAOH President, Mary Hogan, I am sending an urgent message on behalf of AOH Brother Malachy McAllister.  Brother Malachy is a fine upstanding family man of impeccable integrity who I have personally met.   These consistent attempts to deport him back to Northern Ireland and separate him from his children in the United States needs to stop.  Quoting the Irish Echo newspaper, “Malachy McAllister fled his birth place with his young family two decades ago, following death attempts from Loyalist death squads who shot 26 bullets into his Belfast home while the McAllister children were inside. A staunch advocate of the
Good Friday Agreement, Malachy owns two businesses providing employment to 14 US workers and has community ties and strong support from the AOH and Irish American organizations. He has been served with imminent deportation – order issued for April 25th.”

Please take a few minutes to read this message and to call your
Congressman or Congresswoman to support this initiative to stop this injustice from taking place.

Attached is the letter from the President and me and a copy of a letter Congressman Crowley will be sending to ICE and the Immigration Secretary and our Secretary of State, John Kerry.  This letter requests that the McAllister Deportation be stopped.

Also attached is a copy of a letter to send to your respective
congressman/woman for support of Congressman Crowley’s letter.

There is also a link to an online petition for Facebook and websites but I must stress that you are requested to contact your representatives as well.


If you so desire to read more about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Friendship, Unity, & Christian Charity,

Anne-Marie Nyhan-Doherty
LAOH National Immigration and Legislation Appointee

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