AOH/LAOH National History Day Irish Award Winners

President Mary Hogan and National Historian Marilyn Madigan had a wonderful experience and were very proud of their participation. The LAOH winner was from Massachusetts in the Junior Division, Individual Documentary; “The Life and Legacy of Michael Collins: A Man Against an Empire.”










The AOH winners were from Oklahoma in the Junior Division Group Exhibit “Mother of Mercy Catherine McAuley.

We congratulate all these youth on a wonderful job.


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National Interim Board Meeting

Our National Secretary, Carol Sheyer, has sent letters to the State Presidents and Secretaries with information on the National Interim Board Meeting in October. Hotel arrangements have been finalized. All State Secretaries will be passing on the information to the Division Secretaries. Please see the “National Meeting and President’s Dinner” page for information on the dinner and testimonial journal ad.

750 Club April and May Winners!

Here is a listing of all the 750 Club winners for April & May 2015!

There are still tickets available. Please email me at: if you want to be a 750 Club Member and purchase a ticket.

2015 750 Club Winners           Ticket #          Name

April 2, $25.00                                 226                Carol McTigue

April 9, $25.00                                447                 UNSOLD

April 16, $25.00                             437                 Lynn Burkart (Div. #1)

April 23, $25.00                             639                 UNSOLD

April 30, $25.00                             586                 UNSOLD

April Monthly $100.00             157                  Onondaga, NY, Div 1

May 7, $25.00                                 742                 UNSOLD

May 14, $25.00                              261                 Eileen Wayne

May 21, $25.00                              240                 Eloise Stalter

May 28, $25.00                             359                  Philadelphia Div. #22

May Monthly $100.00              688                  UNSOLD

Updates to the Website

We have several updates added May 31, 2015

Two Division Newsletters have been submitted.

From Vice President Pat O’Connell:  Please consider attending the 2015 Hibernian Lecture at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend IN.  The final details for the LAOH & AOH visit scheduled for September 11-12, 2015 to the Notre Dame Campus are in the process of being finalized as you receive this notice.  The 2015 visit is being scheduled on a non-football weekend. Attached is a copy of the advanced information that the Cushwa Center at the University of Notre Dame has provided on their website, for the 2015 Hibernian Lecture being presented by Gillian O’Brien from Liverpool John Moores University in England.  There is more information available on the Vice President Page as well as a copy of the 2014 Hibernian Lecture presented by Michael O’Suilleabhain from the University of Limerick in Ireland that some of the LAOH & AOH members were able to attend in October of last year.  This information is copied from the information provided by the University of Notre Dame Cushwa Center website,   The LAOH & AOH University of Notre Dame Committee members will participate in some meetings with personnel from the Scholarship Office and the Cushwa Center early on Friday morning.  All LAOH & AOH members are invited to attend the Hibernian Lecture at the site to be determined.  The LAOH & AOH members will be provided a tour of the Notre Dame Campus on Saturday and a dinner will be hosted in the late afternoon on the Notre Dame Campus to meet and greet some of the Notre Dame Scholarship recipients.  ALL OF THESE ARE POSTED ON THE VICE PRESIDENT PAGE.

Peggy Cornish, FFAI has posted the FFAI May Appeal Letter. This can be read on the FFAI page.

Marilyn Madigan, Irish Historian,  has a video posted on “The Women of the Easter Uprising.” This video can be found on the  Women of the Easter Rising” Page (on the Misc. Info tab.) It is a YouTube Video.  Here is a quick link: Women of the Easter Rising